Nanoha Nanase
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Kanji 奈々世 七葉
Rōmaji Nanase Nanoha
Physical Characteristics
Age 17
Gender FemaleFemale
Family ???
Professional Profile
Class High School Student
Nationality ???
Affiliation Mikado High School
Debut Chapter 13

Nanoha Nanase ( 奈々世 七葉 Nanase Nanoha) is Kotonoha's seventh persona.


She has a long hair, wears multi layered Kimono. Nanoha also carved number "VII" tattoo on her chest.


As the most deadliest, overprotective and destructive of the seven, Nanoha is an expressionless and heartless girl whose goal is to solely defend Kotonoha from any harm, even if it means annihilating anyone whom Kotonoha considered as friends. Staggeringly, Nanoha is the only Persona who avoids contacting with other personas.


---Coming Soon---


---Coming Soon---

Abilities and Skills

  • Already-Read - Once Kotonoha uses this languages, Nanoha can litterary repeat this already read language to extend the effects of the power.


  • Her name means seven leaves.

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