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GUN×CLOVER (ガン×クローバー) is a manga written by Yamaguchi Mikoto and illustrated by D.P , published by Monthly Dragon Age Manga. Currently there are 4 Volumes.

Mikado High School trains the best students to be the best mercenary bodyguards. But Morito Hayama, a merc escort student with no rank whatsoever, is suddenly assigned to guard a person so highly valued that no escort has ever survived before. Will his subject survive the experience? Will HE and the escort subject survive?!

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It wasn't Morito's fault

Morito Hayama (早間 守人 Hayama Morita) is a trainee of Mikado High School and a protagonist of GUN×CLOVER. He is one of the 13 Master Rank Mercenaries in the world and is currently protecting Kotonoha Nanase under the guise of a regular student of the Academy. With mercenary skills honed through countless battle and unusual vitality and resiliency, Morito has survived countless wars and attempted assassinations. Due to his wealth of experience, Morito has become the mentor of virtually everyone he has crossed paths with, teaching them the skills and techniques required to survive as a mercenary.

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