Futaba Nanase
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Kanji 奈々世 二葉
Rōmaji Nanase Futaba
Physical Characteristics
Age 17
Gender FemaleFemale
Family ???
Professional Profile
Class High School Student
Nationality ???
Affiliation Mikado High School
Debut Chapter 1

Futaba Nanase ( 奈々世 二葉 Nanase Futaba) is Kotonoha's second persona.


Futaba has the long, hime style hair and also wear glasses. She is also often wear in a neat and descent fashion. In her persona, she has "II" sign on her chest.


Futaba is cold and untrusting viewing it as her duty to protect Kotonoha. While most of the other personalities are childish and naive she is the most serious. With meeting Morito, she like all the other personalities has grown to care about him.


---Coming Soon---


---Coming Soon---

Abilities and Skills

  • Knife Combat Expert-Futaba is proficient in close knife combat.


  • Her name means two leaves.

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